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DMS Export and NCTS version 5 in EmmaDansk

Useful information about DMS Export and NCTS version 5 in EmmaDansk

What is Emma System doing now?

Emma Systems expects to have a test version ready at June 15 2023. The deadline to change over to DMS export and the new NCTS system is September 1 2023. From this date, it will no longer be possible to create new export declarations in the existing Export systems, e-Export or the current version of NCTS.

DMS Eksport og NCTS version 5 EmmaDansk

Nyttig information om DMS Eksport og NCTS version 5 i EmmaDansk

Hvad gør Emma System nu?

Emma Systems forventer at have en test version klar den 15. juni 2023. Fristen for at skifte til DMS eksport og den nye NCTS er den 1. september 2023. Fra denne dato er det ikke muligt at oprette nye angivelser i den nuværende eksportsystem, e-Export og den nuværende version af NCTS. 


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