Do you know how to monetise customs relief on duty and VAT while staying compliant?

Download our white paper to learn how international retailers, fashion and apparel can monitise on accuracy, improve supply chain management and solve common import / export challenges

The complex world of customs duty and VAT faced by international retailers

International fashion & apparel retailers constantly evolve with new seasons and trends subsequently with ever new suppliers and manufacturers providing exclusive products. In addtion, in the last decade, we have seen a tremendous growth in e-commerce and online shopping. This has created a demand for new processes for global customer return and repair models. This has resulted in requirement for new supply chains, and as a consequence, creates further complexity in customs duty and VAT management.

White paper addressing the challenges of retailers, fashion and apparel

In this white paper, we address several pitfalls most commonly experienced by the fashion and apparel industry when importing and exporting goods to and from the UK.

White paper topcis include:

  • Import and export pitfalls
  • How do you monetise accuracy?
  • Compliance protecting the brand
  • Risks and responsibilites of retailers
  • Scenarios and the solution
  • The importance of knowing your products

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Amer Sports

“Emma E-Doc is a very good system for archiving large quantities of customs documents.

The solution can rapidly be expanded to new countries or requirements, without any development work needed on the customer’s side”

Customs & Trade Manager, Amer Sports

Getting started with Emma E-Doc in 1-2-3

Post-declaration analysis is made fast and easy with Emma E-Doc. Here is how retailers can get started:

Out-of-the box setup with a personal touch

The provison of the solution is made
available and ready to use “out of the
box”. However, we always strive to
understand the customs challenges of
our customers and tailor the on-boarding and training to meet customer needs

Getting customs brokers and freight forwarders on-board

To enable a holistic overview of all declarations and data, it is important to get all brokers/ forwarders on-board. Luckily, the effort needed from the brokers / forwarders is minimal as the solution supports both XML data transfer and sending PDFs by email. No integration or development is needed.

Declaration data transer – you are ready to go!

Once declarations and documents are
received, the solution instantly transfers all available data to the relevant fields.

Within seconds the data is presented in the format set by the customer and the process of identifying errors and initiate resolutions can begin.

Added benefit: All your declaraations in one place

As an additional benefit, you now have a single, consolidated archive of all
declarations and supporting documents

The archive meets requirements set by
the authority regarding storage period
and system requirements. The archive
content can easily be searched,
compiled, and exported in case of an