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2024Upcoming maintenanceCGIs maintenance plan for 2024 (CGI – SE)
The EDI service plans to implement service maintenance the following dates during 2024, the service window is between Saturdays 21:00 (CET) to 06:00 (CET) Sundays, during this time the system may experience disruptions or be completely down. During 2024 we will also perform a change of our certificate for SSL and sign/encryption for * on Tuesday the 3rd of September 2024 at 09:00 (CET).

For 2024, there will be 6 general maintenance weekends with the following time plan and 2 weekends for EIS-patching with the following time plan.

General maintenance weekends
10-11 February Week 06
23-24 March Week 12
18-19 May Week 20
14-15 September Week 37
19-20 October Week 42
16-17 November Week 46

EIS-patch maintenance weekends
20-21 April Week 16
24-25 August Week 34

Maintenance window 21-06 hours
The general maintenance window is between 21.00 (CET) on Saturday evening until 06.00 (CET) on Sunday morning. During this period, systems and environments may be inaccessible in one way or another depending of the maintenance activities.
Change stop Summer 2024: 18th of June 2024 to 16th of August 2024
Change stop Black Friday and Christmas period from 25th of November 2024 to 8th of January 2025


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