Emma Express

Straightforward handling of large volumes

Emma Express is a specific module in Emma which helps express and/or courier firms, or other customs-declaration agents, with extra-large-volume orders. This is the case with, for instance: High-value deliveries

  • High-value deliveries
  • Low-value deliveries
  • Document deliveries
  • Customs declarations for private individuals (Norway)

Emma Express is integrated with the client’s other systems. File imports that are established include:

  • Order data
  • Subsidiary expenses and/or trade invoices
  • Scanned files
  • Returns ofstatus files from Emma Express (track and trace or similar)
  • Returns of outgoing costs (customs duties, VAT and other fees to be passed on to the customer)
  • Returns of complete document sets, including approved SAD

For import and export businesses that are using Emma’s system to store customs documents (Emma E-Doc), approved declarations including attachments are transferred automatically via FTP or HTTPS, as soon as the declaration has been approved by the customs service.

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