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It is important to us to be able to maintain an overview of our import declarations, and since we are spread out over so many locations in Norway, Emma E-Doc was the solution for us. 

Digitalisation of a task that was formerly carried out manually will yield savings in terms of time, as well as providing a better overview and an opportunity to document our fees administration in an entirely new manner


Emma ensures that we can access required documentation in an easy and effective manner. This saves time, as well as creating additional value for our customers.

Emma’s solution and support have been a markable part of our business strategy. Together with Emma personnel, we have found many effective ways to improve customs-clearance processes.

I just have to praise the system once more. I can see now after two weeks’ work with Emma how logical it is. Have even done two OMPs and wondered whether I really was finished with them after just a couple of “clicks”. In short, I am thrilled to bits!

With the imminent migration from CHIEF to CDS and the University being largely reliant on couriers to provide and retain backing import/export documentation, the University wanted to take greater control of its customs compliance. E-Doc delivered exactly that – a cloud-based, customs document management system that collects and archives all monthly customs documentation with seamless invoice matching and reporting capability.

University of Salford

Of all the systems currently on the market, I believe that Emma Systems is the one with the greatest number of modules on the same system, meaning that our border-logistics operations are considerably easier. I can safely recommend both the declaration system and E-doc to potential customers.


Emma E-Doc is an important tool for us for control and handling of customs documents. We greatly appreciate the skills and support offered by Emma System AS


Emma E-Doc enables the automation of large parts of our customs procedures. Without this tool, the work would have been very time-consuming and virtually impossible to carry out.