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customs clearance, forwarding, post-declaration archiving and compliance

Our solutions

Our solutions

Emma Customs Clearance

In close collaboration with our customers, we have systematically perfected our customs-clearance system. That means that we can offer what we believe to be the best solutions on the market for handling high volumes and complex customs clearance.

Emma E-Doc

Emma E-Doc is a cloud-based tool that simplifies life by means of an electronic receipt and storage of customs documents. As well as settlements, queries, and cloud-based archiving.

Emma Sped

Emma Sped simplifies tasks that require transport by both road, sea, and air. Without having to enter the same data multiple times. Emma Sped enables effective, rapid, and highly predictable freight forwarding.

Emma Express

Emma Express consists of a number of functions and modules that are specially designed for the express/courier trade, and for other high-volume transport/customs-declaration agents. An individual system is put together for each individual client. There are very good opportunities for 2-way integration/APIs in relation to other systems used by the client.

About Emma Systems

Our vision is to simplify and create efficiency in international trade and customs declaration. Everyone is dedicated and a well-integrated group of people, and working to make this vision a reality: our skills are our greatest strength.

We work constantly to develop our product and we know that good collaboration is key to success. Therefore we are very proud of our customer base, which provides us with the stability from which we can develop and renew our systems.

Everyone works tirelessly to offer the best solutions for our customers at all times. Also several of our staff members are also joint owners of the firm. That gives us the motivation and flexibility to remain constantly at the forefront of development.

A selection of our satisfied customers

“Emma E-Doc has truly been the extension our compliance team needed. It has allowed us to consolidate all our customs declarations and supporting documents in one central location, making it easy to identify missing declarations and record discrepancies”

Vicky Massey, Trade Compliance Analyst, HydraForce

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