Improve your capabilities for post-customs clearance control and self-auditing.

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Many companies lack adequate internal control and self-auditing routines after customs clearance

Many importers and exporters struggle to fully comprehend and manage the complexity of international trade and its customs duty legislations. It becomes even more difficult to manage when compliance requirements, governmental audits, and customer demands are thrown into the mix.

Using a post-customs clearance software like digital customs archives can substantially simplify and streamline the process.

Our experience, after onboarding more than 3800 customers across Europe, is that the concept of digital customs archives is unknown to many before talking to us. Further, and more importantly, many companies lack routines for performing internal controls and self-audits of their customs documents post-customs clearance.

Buyer’s Guide: Introducing Digital Customs Archives and Post-Customs Clearance Software

To raise awareness, we have created a buyer’s guide. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive understanding of what digital customs archives are and what to consider when reviewing them.

Guide Content

In this guide, we set out to explain:

  • What digital customs archives are
  • What challenges they can help solve
  • What features and requirements you should look for when reviewing and comparing solutions

The guide also include:

  • Advice on how to review and improve your current set-up and routines for self-audits and internal control
  • Use case examples from real life
  • Checklist for must-have features to look for

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