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Increased international trade in goods leads to increased digital control from the authorities. Already today, the Norwegian Tax Administration may request electronic transfer of accounting data, including the basis for importation value added tax (VAT). From 2022, the Tax Return will be replaced with a new digital message based on SAF-T codes. The reporting should then be transferred directly from the accounting system using a standardized XML file.

With our digital customs archive Emma E-Doc you are ready at 1-2-3.

If you engage in extensive international trade, you will meet increasing demands for digital reporting to the authorities. Nevertheless, there are still some who hold on to manual entry of customs information, are ill-prepared for digital reporting and handle VAT reporting manually, and archive declarations in ring binders. With our digital, cloud-based customs archive, this job is easier, more accurate, and you can meet the demands of the authorities more efficiently. Don’t spend your valuable time moving documents to a binder or folder. Instead, use your time to make sure no one has made mistakes.

Our digital customs archive

Who in the company knows whether your customs declarations are correct or not? Want to make sure the details you’re transferring are correct? Be sure that the details you are reporting are correct? Emma E-Doc automatically collects the customs clearance documents from the forwarders and presents them in a clear manner. You can also manually add declarations, as well as add the desired supporting documents and register remarks. The monthly reconciliation of the accounts from Customs is done automatically and efficiently as soon as this is uploaded via Altinn. This eliminates manual control of customs bills and one can easily request missing documents and track any discrepancies. Emma E-Doc meets Customs’ requirements for storage, cf. Section 4-12 and §13-4 of the Tol Act, and replaces the need for internal filing. The documents are stored in accordance with the statutory period of 10 years applicable in Norway, or based on your country’s regulations. Emma E-Doc is and becomes an important tool in customs auditing or book inspection. The Act is expected to be amended from 01.02.2021 to 5 years from the end of the declaration year.

Emma E-Doc can also be expanded with extensions, such as invoice matching against accounting. We have reason to expect that in the long term, reporting will be required at the transaction level, rather than the current aggregated amount. All information in Emma E-Doc is searchable and contains good printing capabilities with a selection of standard reports, such as statistics and customs clearing control. Exporting data to Excel is a default option.

Emma E-Doc is currently available to companies in the following countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, UK and France, with several countries in development.

For the past 30 years, Emma Systems AS has simplified and streamlined international trade and customs clearance. Emma E-Doc is the market leader with its 2600 clients. For Norwegian customers alone, Emma receives over 1.7 million customs declarations annually.

Emma E-Doc is the leading system for digital customs data.

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