Quickly match customs data to accounts and identify incorrect information

With the Emma E-Doc Invoice Match module

What is the Emma E-Doc Analysis Module?

The Invoice Match module is an addition to Emma E-Doc’s main module, developed to create aconnection between customs declarations and accounted records. With Invoice Match, you can easily match and verify declared customs value up against accounted value.

Why is this important?

Errors in customs declarations anddeclared values can cause serious repercussions long after the import /export has taken place.

Common errors include:

  • Declaration missing / purchase not declared
  • Divergent core value compared to recorded value
  • Use of incorrect currency code
  • Use of proforma invoices, as this may differ from thecommercial invoice and result in an incorrectdeclaration
  • Missing or deficient export declaration

Common consequences include:

  • Incomplete audit trail between the customs declaration, the invoice and payment
  • Incorrect customs declarations could result in non-compliance penalties
  • Misdeclared or undeclared goods could be deemed as smuggling and result in penalties
  • Non-existing export declarations or export declarations with incorrect values may lead to inadequate documentation for the sale (ex.VAT) and accounts receivable
  • Tax authorities may reclaim VAT from seller andpotentially issue a fine

Key features in the Invoice Match include:

Identify purchases that have not been declared to customs

Link declaration details to accounts using voucher number

Or other data such as value, vendor, billed currency and invoice date

Uncover declarations with divergent core values compared to recorded values

Detect differences between declared and invoiced values and export reports

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