Faster, better control of your customs data

With the Emma E-Doc Analysis Module

What is the Emma E-Doc Analysis Module?

The Analysis Module is an addition to Emma E-Doc’s main module, developed to ease the customs data controlling process. The module provides an easy, streamlined method of checking and analysing information in a detailed manner, down to the item line details, to detect any deviations.

Why is this important?

If duties or fees are calculated incorrectly, the payment will either be excessive or insufficient. In any case, the errors will cause an incorrect basis for calculating import value added tax.

As an importer, you will incur direct costs if the wrong amount of customs duty is paid.

To avoid direct costs, you need to be able to:

  • Detect discrepancies for reconciliation
  • Correct errors in customs declarations based on national regulations
  • Document the basis for reimbursement

With Emma E-Doc and the Analysis Module, you have a tool to simplify and automate many of the tasks in this process, such as:

  • Integrate and translate received data
  • Discover discrepancies and easily correct errors
  • Provide documentation required for Importer / Exporter of record to advise their customs broker

Who can benefit from using the Analysis Module?

The Analysis Module is ideal for any company looking to improve its cost-control and customs compliance level.

Furthermore, the module is useful for companies that have
customs duties or special fees on their import goods, or often need to check item line details and generate reports at this level of detail.

Please note that the details, and accuracy, of data provided in the Analysis Module is dependent on the quality of the data the customer receives from their customs broker(s) and /or national government.

For a complete assessment of what information the module can provide your company, please contact us.

Key features in the Analysis Module include:

Country of origins

Easy overview of country of origins used

Detailed overview

Detailed overview of all, or specific, HS codes, duty codes and article numbers

Advanced filters

Advanced filters and searches to select specific values or to take a quick check of certain duty codes or tariff numbers

Reporting features

Reporting features and on-screen export to excel of goods item level

Contact us to learn more

Get a more detailed introduction to the Analysis Module based on your own set-up, customs data and processes.

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