HydraForce Tackles Customs Compliance with Emma E-Doc

With a small compliance team, HydraForce found it challenging to keep track of the numerous declarations and their supporting documents. They had no easy way to identify missing declarations or discrepancies between declarations and financial records. Managing a large number of different customs brokers and freight forwarders came with its own challenges. HydraForce lacked a consistent declaration and accompanying document storage process for all the brokers and forwarders being utilised.

The Challenges at HydraForce:

  • Over 75 brokers/ forwarders being used without a consistent declaration and accompanying document storage
  • HydraForce’s small compliance team is responsible for overseeing more than 15,000 customs declarations each year
  • No easy way to identify missing declarations
  • Difficulties in reconciling declarations with financial records

About HydraForce:

HydraForce is a global motion control systems designer and manufacturer with over 2,000 employees across the US, Great Britain, Brazil, and China. They specialise in hydraulic cartridge valves, manifolds, and electronic controls for various off-highway industries including construction, farming, marine, mining, material handling, and forestry.

HydraForce was acquired by Bosch Rexroth in 2023.

Tired of Chasing Declarations

“Some customs brokers failed to provide customs declarations and other necessary documents all together, while with others we needed to chase the paperwork for months”, Vicky Massey, Trade Compliance Analyst at HydraForce recalls.

HydraForce is not one to settle for the status quo. Known for their engineering innovation and best-in-class solutions, they recognised the need for a solution that would consolidate all their customs declarations and supporting documents in one place while streamlining the process of collecting, controlling, and storing these documents.

“It was critical for us to have an automated system for collecting, controlling, and storing all our customs declarations and supporting documents in one place”, Vicky Massey explains. With this notion, the quest for a solution to help streamline their customs compliance processes began.

Emma E-Doc, the Compliance Team’s Vital Extension

After some consideration, the decision was made to implement Emma Systems’ digital platform for customs declaration management and post-customs compliance: Emma E-Doc.

“Emma E-Doc has truly been the extension our compliance team needed. It has allowed us to consolidate all our customs declarations and supporting documents in one central location, making it easy to identify missing declarations and record discrepancies”

Vicky Massey, Trade Compliance Analyst at HydraForce

The implementation of Emma E-Doc has resulted in HydraForce having a singular platform for all their customs data, sourced from all their brokers and agents.

HydraForce can now quickly find, verify, and archive declarations. Missing declarations are also easy to detect, and Emma E-Doc even lets HydraForce request them from their customs brokers without leaving the platform.

The beginning of a true partnership

HydraForce’s experience with Emma E-Doc demonstrates the benefits of a trusted partner who can help simplify complex customs compliance routines.

“Partnering with Emma Systems has been a smart decision for our compliance needs. Their platform and support have made our customs processes much more efficient and hassle-free”

Vicky Massey, Trade Compliance Analyst at HydraForce

The partnership between Emma Systems and HydraForce is built on mutual commitment to success, with both companies working together to leverage the advanced capabilities of Emma E-Doc.

“We’re proud to partner with HydraForce, who has shown a strong commitment to customs compliance. Their collaboration and feedback have been invaluable to us, and we’re pleased to have helped them achieve greater efficiency and accuracy in their customs processes”, Mark Jamieson, VP of Operations at Emma Systems UK, says.

Take the hassle out of customs documentation with Emma E-Doc

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