As a customs broker, here are things you should know about Emma E-Doc

What is Emma E-Doc?

Emma E-Doc is a leading digital customs archive and compliance software. Our customers are importers and exporters.

How do importers and exporters benefit from using Emma E-Doc?

With Emma E-Doc, importers and exporters simplify and automate processes related to gathering, archiving, and controlling customs declarations and accompanying documents.

Importers and exporters of records are required by law to keep records of their customs declarations and supporting documents (such as invoices, certificate of origin and similar). The mandatory retention period may vary from country to country, a minimum of 5 years is common.

Simplifies audits & internal control

By providing a complete archive with current and historical documents, with powerful search, export and reporting features, Emma E-Doc is an important tool for internal control, customs auditing and tax compliance audits.

Meets digital report demands

The demands from tax authorities for digital reporting is increasing. With Emma E-Doc, the demands are met in an accurate, easy and efficient manner.

Replaces need for internal filing

Emma E-Doc meets customs authorities’ regulations concerning information storage. Documents stored follows the statutorily required period stated in the country’s regulations.

Reduces risk of human errors

Emma E-Doc increases control and reduces the risk of errors caused by manual entries. Request missing documents, track discrepancies, and match invoices against accounting.

Benefits for customs brokers

In addition to serving our common client, Emma E-Doc also offers value to customs brokers.

Reduction in customer support queries

Customers no longer need to contact your support team for declarations or documentation, as provision of this data is simply passed to Emma E-Doc for archiving and reconciliation.

Multiple Integration methods

Emma E-Doc supports XML transfer through FTP, or PDF via E-mail using OCR integration. There are no integration costs for brokers connecting to Emma E-Doc. Simple print to PDF and email can be adopted in the rare situation that your broker software supports neither of the above mentioned integration methods.

Support for generic compliance routines

On provision of the declaration & accompanying document outputs. Our team will create the OCR mapping from the generated PDF into Emma E-Doc. If XML is not an option, once mapped, there is now a single integration that can be reused for multiple broker customers. There is no cost imposed on the broker for this service.

Meet the digital expectations of your customers

The modern customer has little patience for manual tasks they know can be automated. Collecting customs declarations and documents is a process clients easily can automate with Emma E-Doc, with limited efforts from brokers.

At MOL Logistics UK, our focus has always been on delivering the best possible logistics solutions for our clients by acting as their dedicated logistics partner. Recommending Emma E-Doc to our customers aligns with our commitment to their success. It’s about equipping them with the tools and resources they need to navigate the customs landscape with ease.

Ian Barral, Senior General Manager, MOL Logistics (UK) Ltd.

Country-Specific Information

Emma E-Doc complies with national laws and regulations in every market we operate in. Since national regulations vary, so do our set-up and integration options. Below you can see country-specific set-up and requirements.








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Operating in other countries?

We are continuously developing and launching Emma E-Doc in new markets. Contact us to learn more.

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