Empowering Traders: MOL Logistics UK’s Customs Management Approach 

In the dynamic world of international trade, customs brokers play a pivotal role in helping traders navigate the complexities of customs regulations and documentation. One customs broker in the UK, MOL Logistics (UK) Ltd., has not only excelled in providing exceptional customs services but has also identified a powerful tool for their customers – Emma E-Doc.  

This is the story of how MOL Logistics (UK) Ltd. and Emma E-Doc have aligned in transforming the customs landscape for their shared customers. 

MOL Logistics: Your trusted logistics partner

MOL Logistics is a globally renowned logistics provider overseeing every step of the logistics process.

With a presence in 120 offices worldwide, their commitment to a customer-oriented approach caters to businesses of all sizes. They deliver personalised service, global efficiency, and unparalleled quality, making them the trusted partner for all your logistics needs.

The Emma E-Doc advantage

Emma E-Doc is a cutting-edge digital customs archive and compliance platform from Emma Systems.  

What sets it apart is its broker-neutral approach, offering traders a centralised repository for all their customs declarations and supporting documents from various brokers, forwarders, and agents.   This hassle-free, all-in-one solution empowers traders with full control and visibility over their customs data

MOL Logistics empowers their customers by embracing Emma E-Doc 

MOL Logistics (UK) Ltd. and Emma Systems have found common ground in their commitment to customer satisfaction and efficiency.  Both acknowledge that a customs broker who takes their responsibilities seriously will see the benefits of a solution like Emma E-Doc for their clients and their own operations. 

At MOL Logistics UK, our focus has always been on delivering the best possible logistics solutions for our clients by acting as their dedicated logistics partner. Recommending Emma E-Doc to our customers aligns with our commitment to their success. It’s about equipping them with the tools and resources they need to navigate the customs landscape with ease.

Ian Barral, Senior General Manager, at MOL Logistics (UK) Ltd.

MOL Logistics (UK) Ltd. has recognised several key benefits that Emma E-Doc brings to their shared customers: 

  • Streamlined Communication: MOL Logistics found that Emma E-Doc facilitates seamless communication between customs brokers and their clients. Customs data, including declarations and supporting documents, can be effortlessly transferred to the Emma E-Doc platform, strengthening the broker-client relationship. 
  • Enhanced Internal Controls:  Emma E-Doc equips traders with the tools they need to perform thorough internal controls. They can easily access, review, and organise their customs declarations and supporting documents, ensuring accuracy and compliance. 
  • Reduced Support Requests: With Emma E-Doc, traders have a clear overview of their customs data. This reduces the need for frequent support requests to customs brokers for reports or document retrieval. As a result, MOL Logistics can focus on providing strategic guidance rather than repetitive administrative tasks. 

A responsible and forward-leading customs broker 

MOL Logistics UK’s recommendation of Emma E-Doc to their clients demonstrates their commitment to providing innovative solutions that empower their customers. In today’s fast-paced world of international trade, having a forward-thinking customs broker like MOL Logistics UK can make all the difference.  

MOL Logistics UK’s actions exemplify what it means to be a forward-thinking and customer-centric broker. We are proud to support their efforts in empowering traders and ensuring seamless customs processes for their clients.

Mark Jamieson, VP Operations, Emma Systems UK

Together, MOL Logistics UK and Emma E-Doc have unlocked a synergistic approach to customs management, benefiting traders and brokers alike. Trust MOL Logistics UK with your logistics needs, and empower yourself to dedicate your full attention to business growth with Emma E-Doc! 

Take the hassle out of customs documentation with Emma E-Doc

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