Emma E-Doc information for Customs Brokers in the UK

Emma E-Doc is the market-leading digital customs archive. For our customers, we help streamline the gathering, archiving and control of customs declarations on one single platform.

When your client signs up for Emma E-Doc, the client requires you to send all customs declaration documents (CDS, SAD, EAD, C88) as generated in your customs filing software in an interpretable PDF format to Emma E-Doc system. On this page you can read about the steps you need to take in order to send your clients customs declarations to Emma E-Doc.

Broker instructions:

How to send customs declaration & accompanying documents to Emma E-Doc

When your client signs up for Emma E-Doc, the client requires you to send all customs declaration documents (CDS, SAD, EAD, C88) as generated in your customs filing software in an interpretable PDF format to Emma E-Doc system.

PDF format required

This document must be sent by email with a PDF format attachment along with any supporting/accompanying documents.

Import and Export declarations required

Both import and export declarations are required to be archived in the customer’s E-Doc digital customs archive. As the customs broker you should send both to Emma E-Doc going forward.

All accompanying documents should be transfered

The broker is required to ensure that the mandatory accompanying documentation is included in the transfer to the customer’s E-Doc archive. (e.g. invoice, pro forma, CMR, certificates).

New brokers set-up

Customs brokers who have not previously sent PDF declarations & accompanying documentation to Emma E-Doc can forward examples of their declarations to GB000011111@emma.no and the Emma E-Doc Team will prepare OCR recognition.

Instructions for preparing and sending declarations per email

  • Only send one unique declaration pdf file per e-mail
  • All declarations must be system generated PDF copies, not printed and scanned
  • If you have examples of accompanying documents, please enclose them in the declaration email (supporting / accompanying documents can be attached in their native format)
  • CHIEF processed declarations: Email subject line must include Customs entry /exit number and corresponding date in this format: EPU-ENO-DDMMYYYY
  • CDS processed declarations: Email subject line must include the new MRN number format (Example: 22GB91GP70DV1LCAR8)
  • If supporting documents are sent as a separate e-mail, the subject field must contain the customs decision ID, see the bullet points “CHIEF processed declarations “and “CDS processed declarations” above as reference, to allow for the documents to be merged in the E-Doc system.

At MOL Logistics UK, our focus has always been on delivering the best possible logistics solutions for our clients by acting as their dedicated logistics partner. Recommending Emma E-Doc to our customers aligns with our commitment to their success. It’s about equipping them with the tools and resources they need to navigate the customs landscape with ease.

Ian Barral, Senior General Manager, MOL Logistics (UK) Ltd.

Benefits of using Emma E-Doc

Brokers & Freight Forwarders who submit completed customs declarations & supporting documentation to Emma Systems E-Doc commonly experience the following benefits:

Reduction in custromer support queries

Customers no longer need to call the Brokers or Freight Forwarders support team for copies of declarations or supporting documentation as provision of this data is simply passed to E-Doc for archiving and reconciliation. A proven reduction in customer support resource is achieved when adopting Emma E-Doc.

Simplified Integration methods…

Simple PDF attachment to email can be adopted with an OCR integration via the Emma E-Doc team subsequently there are no expensive integration costs.

Zero cost to the Broker/Forwarder

On provision of the declaration & supporting document outputs. The E-Doc team will create the OCR mapping from the generated PDFs received into E-Doc. Once mapped, there is now a single integration that can be reused for multiple customers utilising the services of the Broker /Freight Forwarder, there is no necessity to build new integrations, new customers are simply identified with an archive along with provision of an email address created against the clients unique VAT/EORI number.

Support for compliance routines

Both the Broker/Freight Forwarder & their customers’ have immediate visibility of common declaration discrepancies such as wrong HS codes, incorrect Country of Origin, currency etc. This early indication of discrepancy allows for expedited resolution & tracking thereof, all prior to any Government revenue audit. A significant reduction in Broker/Forwarder customer support is realised with use of Emma E-Doc.

Meeting client’s digital demands

Digital, automated processes are replacing the old ways of working in a fast pace. Our clients expect to be part of the digitalisation and a growing number of authorities demands it.

Increase your visibility to potential clients

Brokers /Freight Forwarders uploading to Emma E-Doc are actively promoted via the Emma Systems news and social channels, they are often invited to take part in use cases with our mutual clients resulting in greater market exposure for the Brokers /Freight Forwarders.

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