Stop Overpaying on Import Duties

E-Doc and its support processes enable companies trading internationally to streamline their post-clearance business analysis of customs declarations. This close contact with the customer and their data, provides us with a clear understanding of the challenges companies face during their post-clearance process. A common challenge we see among many of our clients & prospective companies we meet: They overpay their duties & VAT obligations.

Only you as a business can ensure your corporate compliance and self-auditing is accurate, HMRC and other revenue authorities will never investigate your business for over-paying duties or VAT when the non-compliance is in their favour, however it is certainly hitting your businesses bottom line.

Only you as a business can ensure your corporate compliance and self-auditing is accurate

How Trade Flow and Emma E-Doc can help companies detect and recover overpaid import duties

Introducing Trade Flow

Trade Flow is a leading UK based Customs Consultancy specialising in overpaid import duty recovery and Customs compliance.

With well over 20 years of classification experience from over 100 Customs reviews in almost every sector Trade Flow’s Director Gavin Roberts is confident on identifying and recovering any overpaid import duty a company has made over the last three years usually on a completely no win no fee basis.

Trade Flow also provides training, gap analyses, assistance with Customs procedures and many other Customs services.

The Emma team had the pleasure of meeting Gavin at Multimodal earlier this year, and it immediately became clear that our clients could benefit from Trade Flow, and their customers of Emma E-Doc.

Trade Flow + Emma E-Doc

Trade Flow is ideally placed to provide classification reviews in conjunction with Emma E-Doc.

For those companies with a digital archive using E-Doc, a classification review can be undertaken quickly with HMRC repaying valid submitted reclaims in as little as 30 days.  Companies using E-Doc can then capture any future classification errors made on the same SKUs by adding some simple additional monthly reports.

A number of traders come to Emma Systems wanting to improve compliance following compliance errors identified by HMRC and having been issued a C18 penalty. We would strongly recommend you do not pay a C18 without first letting Trade Flow see whether it could be challenged, again potentially on a no win no fee basis.

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