Great Start for Emma in Denmark

While we can’t quite call ourselves a newcomer in the Danish market, with our Customs Management System, EmmaSped CMS, serving many Danish customers already, our focus was definitely reinforced this spring. In May 2021, we had the pleasure of opening our Danish office and welcoming Hans-Jørgen Jessen onboard as our Danish Sales Manager.

Taking stock after about seven months, it is safe to say that the outlook is as bright as the spring day Hans-Jørgen joined Emma Systems. 

The interest has been overwhelming

«I have had the pleasure of travelling around the country meeting numerous existing as well as potential customers the last couple of months, and the feedback has been very positive. Potential customers are finding our CMS interesting, and existing customers are looking to adapt to new modules and features» Hans-Jørgen tells. 

Getting to know Hans-Jørgen Jessen

We will go more into the market response to Emma’s software in a minute, but first, let’s take a step back and give Hans-Jørgen a proper introduction. Who is this man heading up our Danish office?

Hans-Jørgen has had a front-row view of the evolution in customs and global trade over the last 20 years. He started out in technical roles working as an IT consultant and over time moved into sales roles. He now brings extensive commercial and technical knowledge with him to Emma.

«When we decided to strengthen our presence in Denmark, I knew Hans-Jørgen was the right man for the job. Hans-Jørgen knows the Danish industry and what businesses need when it comes customs software like no other», fellow Dane and Emma’s Head of International, Carsten Amtrup tells.  

«I’ve been following Emma for many years, and know the company, its people and software very well. Emma takes great pride in developing unique software that simplifies and facilitate the customs clearance work. It is a thankful job to be able to offer Danish companies these solutions» Hans-Jørgen tells.

Hans-Jørgen Jessen, Emma Systems Danmark
Besides helping companies streamline their customs management processes, Hans Jørgen also enjoys travelling and rooting for the Danish national soccer team

EmmaSped CMS  – A valuable asset for our customers

Let’s circle back to the Danish customers, how do they feel about our software? The last couple of months, Hans-Jørgen has had the opportunity to travel around the country meeting many EmmaSped CMS customers as well as companies looking to join the Emma family.

Judging from customer feedback, Emma stands out as a user-friendly and flexible solution.  

The ease of use, the flexibility and the options at hand are among frequently recurring characteristics from customers

Flexibility is also a trait describing our cost model, and something new businesses find interesting.

«Our ‘Pay-as-you-go’ pricing without the need for large investment costs upfront, eases the decision making for new companies» Hans-Jørgen tells.

Learn more about EmmaSped CMS

An important part of Emma’s international expansion

The Danish buildout is a key part of Emma’s goal to expand our business and reach companies across Europe.

«You could say that Denmark is a natural stepping-stone to the continental Europe for Norwegian companies such as Emma. Denmark is definitly a market where we will put down substantial efforts in the years to come» Carsten explains.

So what is next? 

In 2022, we are growing our Danish organization and are looking to hire for both commercial and technical roles in Denmark. In the new year, Emma E-Doc, our digital customs archive and compliance platform, will also be rolled out to more Danish customers.

Hans-Jørgen Jessen

Sales Manager, Danmark

+45 24 82 96 16