Blomsterringen switched to EmmaSped CMS and reduced time spent on customs tasks by 25%

The international plant and flower wholesaler Blomsterringen exports large quantities of goods, and each export declaration contains a large number of goods items. This made the process of creating customs declarations a very time-consuming and complex task for Lone Holm Pedersen and her colleagues.

Changing customs management system to EmmaSped CMS dramatically improved this. The switch from a manual entry process to Emma’s advanced ‘drag & drop’ mapping in Excel resulted in a time saving of 25%.

Previously we spent most of a day on tasks that in EmmaSped CMS only take a couple of hours

Lone Holm Pedersen, Blomsterringen

Recognise and reuse data

EmmaSped CMS’s integrated features to streamline customs entry also recognise and reuse previously entered data, so you never have to retype your most-used information.

Besides the time savings, Holm Pedersen also values the solution’s ease of use.

“EmmaSped CMS is very easy to navigate and operate. Creating tasks and searching for information can be done in a swift and easy way”, Holm Pedersen explains.

And if the team at Blomsterringen face any challenges, they are certain that help is close at hand:

The support team is simply fantastic. They are quick on their feet, want to help and have a great knowledge of both the solution in general and the specific customer setup

Lone Holm Pedersen, Blomsterringen

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