NCTS 5 Sweden

There are six tests available for Swedish users. The number of tests you need to complete depends on your current permissions and future needs. This is explained in the first video below (“Slutprov”). The second video show “testfalls” (the “testfalls” are voluntary).

After completing the tests, you need to notify Tullverket, see details below.

In the video section below you can also see videos of NCTS 5 departure, arrival and functions.

Information from Swedish Customs, Tullverket, about NCTS 5:

Find your ACE / ACR code here:

What needs to be done before testing:

Log on EmmaSped and check your access to Test database (choose between Prod and Test when logging on).

The other tests will be prepared in EmmaSped CMS’s October version. It is possible to access them already, by clicking “ignore” as shown below:

An overview of all available tests can be seen in the screenshot below:

What to do after testing – Remember to notify Tullverket:

After testings are completed, you need to email the test details to Tullverket (Swedish Customs).

According to Tullverket, this is the information you need to send them:

När slutproven är genomförda med förväntat resultat, skickar ni en e-post till och anger:

– företagets organisationsnummer

– företagets kontaktperson i EDI-frågor (namn och e-postadress)

– LRN/MRN kopplat till respektive slutprov

– systemets namn

Please contact Tullverket if you have questions.

Video guides:

NCTS 5 Slutprov:

NCTS 5 Testfall:

NCTS 5 Departure (video version 1):

NCTS 5 Arrival Notice (video version 1):

NCTS 5 Functions (video version 1):

Find your ACE / ACR code here: Customs Decisions reference number validation

  • C521 = ACR code (Authorised sender)
  • C522 = ACE code (Authorised receiver)

NCTS 5 Departure – ACR Code:

NCTS 5 Arrival – ACE Code :