Emma Customs Clearance

The complete solution

Emma Declaration is a complete system for customs declaration throughout the Nordic countries. Using Emma across national borders means that data will be seamlessly transferred between systems. If the quality of data on the export paperwork is optimal, this will automatically create the basis of a complete import declaration in the recipient country. 

Before the declaration is sent to the customs authorities, the data are validated in our Emma Output Check. This ensures an absence of formal errors that could delay approval of the declaration. Emma Declarationforms an integral part of the other modules in our transport logistics system.

Emma Declaration  contains routines that automatically transfer complete data sets into Emma E-Doc. Transport logistics firms with many customers who use E-Doc to receive, check and archive their declarations can be sure that their customers will always have a full oversight of their declaration data, which will always be of high quality.

Smart history function

Emma Declaration provides the user with an opportunity to use data from other similar declarations when producing new ones. Criteria for this include the same sender or recipient, or possibly the same tariff number. The function can show and/or copy documents, licenses, fees etc. with new values and where appropriate new rates. This can greatly simplify the systematic production of declarations.

Swedish, Danish and Finnish declarations

Emma has built up declaration systems for neighbouring countries to correspond with Norwegian systems. An operator moving between these countries will therefore recognise the systems. Export data from one side will automatically be carried over into import data for the other side. EU tariff codes are automatically updated every night, ensuring that our customers will have an effective and secure tool for correct declarations each day.

Emma was one of the first systems to be approved by the Swedish customs authorities after the most recent customs revision in Sweden.

Emma has developed declarations systems in close cooperation with many customers, making a high priority of efficiency requirements from the large express companies that have a high volume and a need for simple customs clearance. We have however taken account of the needs of smaller transport companies, as well as the needs of importers and exporters in relation to industrial declarations of their own products.

For several customers we have developed direct integration in ordering and invoicing systems, to transfer relevant data into declarations and the production of documents within  Emma.

In close connection with the customs-declaration system there is an opportunity to invoice the actual declaration to the client. In such a case the system automatically registers customs rates and fees incurred for onward invoicing of daily balances, as well as variables such as the number of product lines and charging commissions. Prices are defined in the price system with the possibility of creating individual customer agreements. 

Are you looking for the best system for customs declarations and EU declarations?  Emma Declaration is the obvious choice!

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