Streamline and simplify the gathering, filing, control and audit of Customs data

Emma E-Doc: Leading Cloud-based Customs Archive & Compliance Software

Control your entire customs document flow in one solution

Save time, increase control and reduce risks of errors

Simplify internal control

Emma E-Doc provides a complete archive with current and historical documents, with powerful search, export and reporting features

Reduce risk of human errors

Emma E-Doc increases control and reduces the risk of errors caused by manual entries. Request missing documents, track discrepancies and match invoices against accounting

Meet digital report demands

The demands from tax authorities for digital reporting are increasing. With Emma E-Doc you meet the demands in an accurate, easy and efficient manner

Replace the need for internal filing

Emma E-Doc satisfies customs authorities regulations concerning information storage.


Emma E-Doc Customers

Across Europe.


Brokers in our network

Emma E-Doc is broker independent and receive customs data from an ever growing number of brokers

How Emma E-Doc works

Collect and store customs documents

  • Automate the process of collecting customs declarations, C88 / SAD and accompanying documents – from brokers directly to the Emma E-Doc platform
  • Complete cloud-based archive – and easy access to all your customs documents in one, searchable solution

Generate and review your Monthly Declaration Statement

  • Upload your HMRC MSS documents
  • Generate a complete overview of all declarations for the month or period
  • Identify and request missing declarations from within the Emma E-Doc platform

Control and prepare

  • Easily access, track and control declarations
  • Run and export reports and data sets
  • Control and compare declaration data up against VAT, Duty Settlements and Commercial Invoice
  • Prepare for audits and controls

Reconcile customs declarations and accounts

  • ERP Export/ Import
  • Compare and match customs data up against invoices with our Invoice Match – module

Key features & functionality

Receive & store customs documents digitally

Secure & easy access to historical documents

Powerful search functions and filters

Upload & balance deferral accounts

Request missing declarations

Run & Export reports

User-friendly & intuitive solution

Daily transfer & sync of customs declarations

Invoice Matching module

Validation of customs and VAT payments

Set-up and maintenance by Emma Systems

Support included and training offered


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