Swedish Customs: 34 % Increase in Uncovered Import Errors

Sweden’s Customs agency, Tullverket, recently revealed a surge in import discrepancies in 2023, with companies retrospectively billed 97 million Swedish kronor (SEK) following post-import inspections—an increase of 34% from 2022.

These audits uncovered undervalued goods and misreported items, highlighting the critical need for stringent oversight in international trade.

Errors detected in 90% of post-import audits

Approximately 15 million declarations were submitted to Swedish Customs in 2023. A crucial part of the agency’s work is determining which shipments warrant closer scrutiny. During a customs audit, a larger portion of a company’s foreign trade is examined.

Out of the 250 post-import checks conducted by Tullverket last year, errors were detected in 90% of the audits.The increased accuracy in targeting companies for post-import checks contributed to this higher success rate, marking a notable improvement from previous years.

The detected errors span various goods and industries, involving incorrect descriptions of goods, their origin, and usage, or undervaluation. Inaccurate information can result in the customs duty being calculated too low.

Post-import audits from Tullverket uncovered undervalued goods and misreported items

Heads up, new importers:  You are in the spotlight in 2024!

Companies new to importing are at a higher risk of making mistakes due to unfamiliarity with import regulations. In 2024, Tullverket aims to conduct early checks to assist companies in getting it right from the start.

(Source: Press release from Tullverket Tullverket upptäcker mer importfel)

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