Hurricane Commerce and Emma Systems partnership to provide seamless cross-border experience

Hurricane Commerce and Emma Systems have agreed a strategic partnership to ensure customers receive the best possible cross-border experience.

The two companies will collaborate to deliver Hurricane’s AI-driven, real-time data solutions and Emma Systems’ E-Doc cloud platform that enables post-declaration customs compliance and HMRC audit readiness.

Hurricane’s solutions cover the critical cross-border areas of duty and tax calculation, prohibited and restricted goods screening, denied parties screening and data enhancement.

The company’s growing global customer portfolio includes Royal Mail, Emirates Post, Australia Post, SEKO and EVRi.

Emma E-Doc is a product by Emma Systems that is already being used successfully by 3000 companies across Europe and is now available to both global and domestic companies operating in the UK.

Emma E-Doc uniquely simplifies post-clearance processes by means of an electronic receipt and digital storage of customs documents. By providing a complete archive of current and historical documents, with powerful search, export and reporting features, Emma E-Doc is a customs broker agnostic solution for internal control, customs auditing and tax compliance.

Hurricane’s data solutions and Emma Systems’ E-Doc are in high demand due to the increasing number of regulations impacting cross-border eCommerce which have been introduced in the last couple of years.

They include Brexit, the launch of the EU’s Import One-Stop Shop [IOSS], the US STOP Act and Import Control System 2 [ICS2], the second release of which is being implemented in March 2023.

Jayne James & Carsten Amtrup at Multimodal 2022

Carsten Amtrup, Head of International Business at Emma Systems, said: “The explosion in eCommerce shipments combined with the changing regulatory landscape have significantly increased the administrative workload for importing and exporting companies.

“Emma E-Doc enables high volume customers to gain control over their increasing number of customs documents and customs brokers. In addition, it provides data that is essential to quality-assure the customs process.

“The partnership with Hurricane makes total sense as it is also enabling customers to enjoy a seamless cross-border experience through the provision of its world-leading data technology.”

Carsten Amtrup, Emma Systems

Jayne James, Hurricane’s Director of Business Development, said: “We are looking forward to working closely with the team at Emma Systems.

“The company’s solutions, in particular the Emma E-Doc, are widely regarded, using cutting edge software to transform the cross-border eCommerce experience.”

Jayne James, Hurricane

The Hurricane-Emma Systems partnership forms part of a wider cross-border eCommerce ecosystem which also includes AEB [International], the leading provider of cloud-based global trade software to remove the barriers of trading across customs borders and controls, and Swedish fintech Plusius which offers financial services enabling payment facilitation, escrow, currency exchange and verification.

About Hurricane Commerce

Hurricane Commerce is the global leader in the provision of complete, accurate and compliant data enabling seamless cross-border eCommerce trade. Our AI-driven, real-time data solutions cover the critical areas of data enhancement, duty and tax calculation, denied parties screening and prohibited and restricted goods screening.

Hurricane, founded in 2016, has a growing portfolio of customers around the world including Emirates Post, Australia Post, Royal Mail, SEKO, An Post, Hongkong Post and EVRi.

About Emma Systems

Emma Systems is a Norwegian software company specialising in customs software. Their portfolio includes software for Customs management and freight forwarding in the Nordic countries, as well as their digital customs archive software Emma E-Doc available across Europe.

Emma E-Doc is the market’s leading digital customs archive and compliance platform for importers and exporters across all industries and segments, successfully deployed to 3000+ companies across Europe.  

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