The European Union now mandates documentation for specific iron and steel products

From 30 September 2023, importation or procurement of various iron and steel products, which have undergone processing in non-EU nations and contain Russian iron and steel, has been prohibited.

This new prohibition includes the requirement for documentation of the origin of iron and steel used in processing and aims to prevent sanctions against Russia from being circumvented.

As an importer, you must be able to substantiate, at the time of import, that the goods do not contain materials of Russian origin by providing relevant information. Importers can achieve this through a Mill Test Certificate (MTC).

Customs also accept evidence in the form of the following documents:

  • Invoice
  • Packing list
  • Supplier declaration
  • Production description

These documents must contain information demonstrating the origin of the iron and steel used in the product. If there is no documentation verifying non-Russian origin or if it lacks sufficient information, the goods cannot enter free circulation.

We encourage our customers to seek more information from their local customs authorities on this matter. (See information from Swedish Customs).

How can Emma E-Doc assist you in this?

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